Make An Appointment

All surgeries are by appointment.

Our Admin Staff will answer your call, the more information you can give them with regard to your medical problem the better able they will be to direct your call. Please note they are bound by the same rules of confidentiality as the doctors and nurses.

The appointment with a GP, Nurse Practitioner or Practice Nurse may be by telephone consultation, Near Me Video consultation or face to face. 

If you have concerns regarding your medication your may be given an appointment with our Practice Pharmacist.

The Admin Team may also offer you an appointment with Community Care and Treatment (CCATS) for testing and wound care, First Contact Physio (FCP) for musculo-skeletal problems, the Mental Health and Well-being Nurse or direct you to the Pharmacy, Optician or Dentist if this is more appropriate for your care.

Acute/Urgent Care: Any patient needing to see a doctor urgently will be 'triaged' over the phone by a Nurse Practitioner or GP. The Clinician will decide on the best course of action to address the problem. if required you will be asked to attend the surgery for further assessment. 

You have the right to express a preference for a particular doctor. However, that doctor may not be available, especially if you need help urgently.

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